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Concrete Pavement Joint Design & Layout Webinar Scheduled
May 17, 2016

Register for the next upcoming American Concrete and Pavement Association (ACPA) webinar, What You Need to Know About Concrete Pavement Joint Design & Layout. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, May 19, 2016. The presenter will be Eric Ferrebee, EIT, Pavement Engineer, American Concrete Pavement Association.

This webinar covers some of the key considerations when designing and laying out pavement joints in concrete pavements. In addition to basic design and layout considerations, the webinar also will provide techniques and tips for designing & laying out joints for intersections, roundabouts, and for special applications, including continuously-reinforced concrete pavement transitions, concrete overlays, and more.

More information and to register for the webinar is available at ACPA webinar webpage.

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