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Dewberry Earns Award

December 16, 2005

Dewberry, one of the nation’s top consulting firms, has received the 2005 Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS), Washington, DC Chapter’s Employer of the Year award. Presented recently at WTS-DC’s annual awards ceremony, the award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated excellence in transportation services, affirmative action hiring and promotion, and support of continuing education. Past recipients include prominent consulting firms, associations, and small or disadvantaged businesses throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Dewberry has long supported WTS-DC’s mission and operations through its employees’ membership and active involvement and program sponsorship, as well as the contribution of in-kind services. In accepting the award, Dewberry’s Chief Executive Officer, Ronald L. Ewing, PE, LS, said, “Integral to Dewberry’s strategic plan is recruitment, training, and promotion. We cannot accomplish these goals without diversifying our workforce, and we are proud to have such a strong relationship with WTS-DC.”

Established in 1977, WTS-DC was the first organization in the area to help women in transportation increase their professional potential. The international organization, WTS, formed from this chapter’s efforts to expand beyond the Washington, DC, area. More than 400 government and private sector employees who work in the transportation field are members of WTS-DC, and there are over 4000 WTS members worldwide. For more information, visit www.dewberry.com

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