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Dewberry Earns Recognition

June 08, 2006

Dewberry, one of the nation’s leading design firms, has received a number of federal and state commendations recently in recognition of the firm’s 50th anniversary. The firm was recognized for “championing progressive initiatives such as public-private partnerships, privately financed infrastructure, design-build, and applications of advanced technology” enabling “communities to grow and prosper.” Dewberry was also commended for its commitment to community and charitable service.

In April, the firm was cited in the Congressional Record with remarks from the Honorable Thomas M. Davis of the U.S. House of Representatives. Davis noted Dewberry’s growth from “a small land design and survey practice” to a firm with “more than 1,800 employees in 30 offices nationwide.” Davis also stated that “Dewberry has been a strong member of the community through various charitable and scholarship programs.”

In Virginia, under House Joint Resolution No. 237, Dewberry was recognized for its “innovative land development process…responsible for the birth of neighborhoods, town centers, mixed-use and institutional developments, corporate and educational campuses, bridges, highways, and major transportation improvements as well as the upgrading of transit and rail systems, the revitalizing of ports and harbors, and the modernization of airports.”

The Virginia resolution also commended the firm’s record of responding to “the needs of the community,” and encouraging “public involvement in critical community projects by working closely with clients, stakeholders, and government agencies to protect manmade and natural resources throughout Virginia.”

Dewberry has been based in Virginia throughout its history. Established in Arlington, VA, in 1956, the firm relocated to Fairfax County in 1965 and has remained in the county since then. The firm has nine Virginia offices and 21 additional offices throughout the United States, from Boston, MA, to Oakland, CA.

The firm’s newest field office is located in Baton Rouge, LA, where Dewberry is providing ongoing technical support to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency following the Gulf Coast hurricanes of 2005. In an Official Statement, Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco praised Dewberry’s performance in the region, commending the firm’s commitment to “the recovery of the Gulf Coast Region” and expressing “appreciation for the company’s continued support and dedication to strengthen the economies of the Gulf Region and the State of Louisiana.”

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