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DiscoverE Awarded Grants From UEF and Motorola Solutions Foundation
December 12, 2019

DiscoverE, the leading non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining and growing a dynamic engineering profession through outreach, education, celebration and volunteerism, has been awarded grants from United Engineering Foundation (UEF) and Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions.

These two prestigious grants have been presented in support of DiscoverE’s flagship programs. UEF’s grant is on behalf of the 2019-20 Future City Competition, while Motorola Solutions Foundation supports Introduce A Girl to Engineering (Girl Day) and Global Marathon By For and About Women in Engineering.

The annual Future City Competition features participation by over 45,000 middle school students in the United States and abroad. Under the banner of Demonstrating Social Impact Through Engineering Outreach, UEF’s support will help advance Future City’s reputation, generate interest, increase participation and create awareness of the value of and need for engineers now and in the future.

The overall scope of the UEF Future City grant incorporates three projects:
• Independent, third party evaluation of program outcomes based on data collected from students, educators, volunteer mentors, judges and parents
• Development and implementation of an alumni tracking system
• Development and production of a pilot podcast series

With the heading Advance the Movement: Supporting Girls and Women in E&T, Motorola Solutions Foundation’s grant will amplify the missions of Girl Day and Global Marathon by sparking girls’ interest in engineering and technology careers and by supporting and advancing women already on engineering and technology education and career pathways.

Specific initiatives include elevate public conversations regarding girls and women in STEM; serving more K-12 girls by engaging more volunteers and partners; learning more about the growth of both events outside the U.S.; getting a better understanding of why girls and women are participating in these events and what they are gaining; learning why and how women persist in engineering in college instead of why they leave; and exploring better understanding of collaborative opportunities with girl serving organizations.

Motorola Solutions Foundation awards grants each year to support and advance public safety programs, and technology and engineering education initiatives. This year, Motorola Solutions Foundation grants support programs to help more than two million student, teachers, first responders and community members across the globe. There is a special focus on providing grants to programs that impact underrepresented populations, including females, minorities, people with disabilities, veterans and others.

“DiscoverE takes great pride in its longstanding leadership to help educate, inform and connect both those looking at potential engineering careers and those already established in the engineering profession,” said Leslie Collins, Executive Director, DiscoverE. “These generous grants from UEF and Motorola Solutions Foundation are of tremendous benefit in furthering our mission and enhancing our voice. We are extremely grateful to these organizations, both of which are valued partners and longtime supporters of DiscoverE.”

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