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DoD Presents “How To” On Corrosion Projects

January 05, 2006

During the NACE Annual Conference, the DoD Corrosion Prevention and Control Integrated Product Team (CPC IPT) will address specific corrosion concerns and procedures during a two part session.

The first session scheduled for March 13, 2006 will directly inform companies in the corrosion industry of the process used for proposing projects through the Department of Defense Corrosion Prevention and Control Integrated Product Team for funding.

“The Department of Defense is eager to work with industry to enhance corrosion solutions used in military projects,” says Dan Dunmire, Special Assistant for DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight, “There is only one realistic way to proceed down this route, and it is to have standards that set consistent expectations of any project regardless of its industry or government origin. This session should be helpful to anyone who is interested in the Department’s standards process and related strategies.”

The first session continues with topics such as approaching the appropriate DoD branch with a new idea, product, or service; how to market your product or service to the DoD; expectations for project planning; how to calculate projected return on investment for DoD corrosion project proposals and finally how to get the proposed projects approved.

Helena Seelinger, Director of Public Affairs for NACE International went on to say, “While DoD and private industry each have substantial successes in reducing the cost of corrosion, NACE sees this event as an opportunity to strengthen communication and thereby grow awareness of new ideas, unresolved corrosion problems and possible solutions.”

Part two of the DoD Corrosion Exchange will focus on providing industry experts and companies with corrosion-related standards and specs that are mandatory to do business with the DoD.

The Corrosion Exchange is crucial to the comprehension of the entire DoD corrosion project approval process.

For more information on the DoD Corrosion exchange, visit www.dodcorrosionexchange.org. For more information about the NACE International Annual Conference, visit www.nace.org/c2006.

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