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DVDs Issued by Engineers’ Leadership Foundation

June 19, 2006

The Engineers’ Leadership Foundation has published four new DVDs, each comprising a high-quality, edited video of a key presentation made by a founder of ASFE/The Best People on Earth at ASFE’s national meeting in Monterey, CA. The DVDs are part of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to create a leadership archive future generations can draw from.

The four new works are:

ASFE and Terra Insurance Company: The Early Years, presented by Edward B. Howell, J.D., widely regarded as an innovator of management theory and a maverick of the “insurance game.” Ed brought limitation of liability to design professionals’ contracts and pioneered the concepts of risk management and loss prevention in underwriting functions. Ed does more than reminisce: He provides insights into how leaders lead.

The ASFE Council of Fellows: In the Beginning comprises the presentation made by Harl P. Aldrich, Sc.D., P.E., one of the original members of ASFE’s Council of Fellows and one of the most highly regarded geotechnical leaders of all time. As Harl explains, ASFE established its Council of Fellows to provide guidance for ASFE’s direction, and to pursue whatever other activities its members deemed appropriate.

ASFE Peer Review: The Genesis comprises the presentation of Bramlette “Bram” McClelland, D.Eng., P.E., a pioneer of offshore geotechnics and the founder of ASFE’s Peer Review program. Designed to improve the business practices of professionals in private practice, ASFE’s Peer Review also serves as the basis of similar programs developed with ASFE’s help by the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Council of Engineering Companies, and The American Institute of Architects, among others. Bram explains how effective client communication and employee development are key components of successful business practice.

The Evolution of Geotechnical Engineering: A Personal Perspective captures the presentation of Elio D’Appolonia, Ph.D., P.E., a 50-year veteran of the engineering profession. Dr. D’Appolonia discusses four key industry milestones and how they affected and contributed to the evolution of the profession:

1. the application of science to the art of geotechnical engineering;
2. the engineering profession being “at the right place at the right time” and taking advantage of the vast capital expenditures of the 1950s;
3. the emergence of the “environmental market”; and
4. development of the personal computer.

Any one of the four DVDs can be ordered for $35 (shipping and handling included) from the Engineers’ Leadership Foundation website, www.engineersleadership.org

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