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eCodes Deliver Options For Code Users

April 27, 2005

Carrying a stack of code books around for quick reference is not usually convenient. Now, when you have a code question on site or at a meeting with a client, you can answer it quickly without bringing a pile of books. With Premium eCodes, you can access the International Cod wherever the Internet is available, anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s at the International Code Council Codes Forum, in the office or even on vacation, referencing the I-Codes is easier with Premium eCodes. The Premium eCodes package offers more options and features to easily view and search I-Codes online.

The International Code Council developed eCodes to make it easier to reference I-Codes quickly. Like downloadable eCodes in PDF, Premium eCodes include the features that make eCodes so convenient to use. Using its NXT-4 capabilities, you can search for key words and phrases, copy and print text into documents, as well as bookmark pages for future reference.

The benefit of Premium eCodes is more than just convenience. The new online format has the most up-to-date versions of the codes, including errata. Printed copies of the I-Codes can go through several printings during the three-year I-Code development cycle. With each printing, any typos are corrected and errata are included. Therefore, printed code books contain slight variations in each printed edition. Premium eCodes instantly provide users with the most up-to-date edition of the I-Codes available.

To learn more about Premium eCodes and other I-Code products to make your job easier, visit www.ecodes.biz. While there, try a site demonstration or free I-Code download.

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