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Electronic Imaging Symposium Scheduled
December 15, 2010

New ideas for future applications of 3D and multimedia in mobile devices, entertainment, medicine, security, and other areas will dominate the conversation in several conferences at the broad-ranging IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging: Science and Technology symposium in California.

The event includes top international conferences on stereoscopic displays, 3D imaging, human vision, and other topics, and will be held at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency, 23rd-27th January.

“Electronic Imaging is the one international conference where papers on all aspects of electronic imaging are presented,” said Symposium Chair Sabine Süsstrunk (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne). Majid Rabbani (Eastman Kodak) is Symposium Cochair, and Gaurav Sharma (Univ. of Rochester) is Short Course Chair. Sharma will become Editor of the Journal of Electronic Imaging, copublished by IS&T (The Society for Imaging Science and Technology) and SPIE (the international society for optics and photonics), in January.

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