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Engineers’ Leadership Foundation Publishes New DVD's

May 26, 2006

The Engineers’ Leadership Foundation has published eight new DVDs focusing on engineering leadership. Six of the DVDs comprise one- on-one interviews of six of the founders of ASFE/The Best People on Earth, a trade association launched during troubled times in 1969. The other two DVDs comprise two, 90-minute panel discussions where the six interact.

According to Engineers’ Leadership Foundation President Joseph M. Cibor, P.E. (Fugro Consultants LP), “The wisdom, vision, and courage displayed by ASFE’s founders were absolutely remarkable. They were, unquestionably, some of the finest geotechnical engineers in the world, yet their firms were being bedeviled by so many claims and lawsuits, the practice of geotechnical engineering – as an indedendent pursuit – was jeopardized. They met together in 1968 and agreed to pool their resources to conduct research to learn why they were being sued; to establish ASFE as a vehicle for developing programs, services, and materials to help prevent losses; and to create their own source of professional liability insurance, in the form of Terra Insurance Company. And by virtue of their leadership abilities, they did it.”

The interviews and panel discussions were conducted during ASFE’s October 2003 national meeting in Monterey, CA, as part of the Engineers’ Leadership Foundation’s ongoing efforts to create a leadership archive that permits leaders of the future to learn from leaders of the past. As Mr. Cibor commented, “Being a leader requires much of the same knowledge today that it did 25, 50, or even 1,000 years ago. We have much to learn from those who came before us – their mistakes and successes alike.”

Any one of the DVDs can be ordered for $35 (shipping and handling included) from the Engineers’ Leadership Foundation website, www.engineersleadership.org

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