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Engineers Select Xcelsius

May 29, 2005

Infommersion, the leader in data visualization software, and Frank L. Bennardo, P.E. Inc. (FLB) an innovator in structural engineering, have teamed up to simplify complex engineering calculations and help engineers ensure compliance with the latest safety specifications, including natural disaster-preparedness guidelines.

Using Xcelsius data visualization and analysis software, FLB has built a series of interactive, visual calculators that allow engineers to perform mandatory structural calculations quickly and easily. The calculators are available through FLB’s Engineering Express Web portal (www.engexp.com), which can be customized for each user, depending on the project and location.

For example, following last year’s severe hurricane season in Florida, all construction projects in the state, including minor home repairs such as replacing screens and awnings, require certification that they meet rigorous new hurricane safety guidelines. This certification process has created a bottleneck for contractors and homeowners, due to the length and complexity of the calculations. Through Engineering Express, FLB can provide customized, visual calculators that reduce the time spent on calculations from hours to minutes, and incorporate clear visual alerts as to whether the project meets Florida safety codes.

Previously, these types of engineering calculations required complex spreadsheets that were difficult to analyze and comprehend. Xcelsius enables users to convert number-heavy spreadsheets into interactive tools, such as visual calculators, using easy-to-learn point-and-click technology. Xcelsius-based calculators also provide Visual ModelingTM capabilities, so users can explore potential scenarios, such as what would happen to a structure as wind speed increases, and what adjustments would allow the structure to withstand stronger winds.

Following the success of the Engineering Express Web portal, FLB is also planning to launch a chain of Engineering Express branch offices where contractors, architects, developers, manufacturers and homeowners can access Xcelsius-based visual calculators, consult with engineers and obtain key documentation.

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