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Flomerics Adds Models to SmartParts3D

May 27, 2004

Flomerics has dramatically increased the speed of the thermal design process for users of JMC fans by adding 48 thermal fan models to its SmartParts3D website. Design engineers can now search and compare JMC fans in the SmartParts3D web site and then download corresponding fan models to incorporate in their Flotherm thermal models. This approach saves time and also increases thermal modeling accuracy since the SmartParts3D model has the exact point-by-point values of the fan curve, eliminating the need to make rough estimates from a paper chart. “The addition of JMC Products fan to our Smartparts3D web site increases the number of available fan models to over 400,” said Ted Lee, Applications Engineer for Flomerics. “Flotherm users now can download highly accurate fan models from most of the world’s leading suppliers.”

JMC Products joins Bergquist, Chomerics, Delta, Dow Corning, ETRI, Honeywell Electronic Materials, HS Marston Aerospace, Micronel, Papst, Sanyo Denki, Thermagon, Universal Air Filters, and many others that have contributed data to the SmartParts3D library, located at www.SmartParts3D.com. The library is searchable by part family, description, manufacturer, model number, and performance criteria. Models can be downloaded from the website and imported into Flotherm, which has become the standard tool for design and optimization of cooling systems for electronics equipment with a user base twice that of all competitors combined.

Flotherm software from Flomerics. reduces the time and skill required to simulate complicated electronics cooling problems, because it is specially designed for electronic cooling applications. Flotherm provides tools that allow users to assemble models from libraries, avoiding the need to create them from scratch. It provides an abundant supply of thermal model libraries for existing components. Flotherm provides an environment that enables fast, automated design studies. Automated gridding and distributed processing across networks streamlines the process of evaluating multiple iterations to optimize the design. In conjunction with other Flomerics products, Flotherm makes it possible to address other interrelated performance issues such as electromagnetic compatibility, reliability and stress in a concurrent fashion.

For more information, visit Flomerics’ Web site at Flomerics’ Webpage

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