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Foundation Receives Grant For Leadership Study

September 16, 2005

The Engineers’ Leadership Foundation, established in 1989 to foster the development of engineering leaders, has received a $15,000, two-year grant from ASFE/The Best People on Earth. ASFE is a business-focused association of geoprofessional, environmental, and civil engineering firms established in 1969. It awarded the grant to fund a survey of its living past presidents.

According to ASFE President Daniel L. Harpstead, P.E. (Powell~Harpstead, Inc.), “All but a few of our past presidents are still with us, thank goodness. Each has important stories to tell. We want to learn what those stories are. In particular, we want to learn how they got to where they got to, the skills they believe
were and are most important, the attitudes today’s generations need to foster, and so on. While to some extent what we’re doing is honoring our professional forebears – something that all professionals should do – we are also, and more importantly, asking them to contribute still, by giving guidance to those coming
along. This type of research is something the Foundation excels at. Frankly, we believe that more organizations should use the Foundation’s services and, like ASFE, make the information available to one and all without charge on the Foundation’s website; a leadership resource.”

Engineers’ Leadership Foundation President Joseph M. Cibor, P.E. (Fugro Consultants L.P.) said that “the Foundation is delighted to accept this grant. The work involved fits precisely with what we’re in business to do. As we have said repeatedly, the skills required to be a leader of people today are no different from those required generations ago. To be a leader, people have to want to follow you. The role of integrity cannot be overemphasized, nor can the development of skills, including active listening skills.”

Mr. Cibor noted that “work on the new grant has already started.” Mr. Harpstead said that ASFE’s involvement is being directed by its Council of Fellows.

Obtain more info at www.engineersleadership.org

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