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GETA Schedules GOVCON05 Conference

March 13, 2005

The Government Emerging Technology Alliance (GETA) will present GOVCON05: 4th Annual Government Conference on Emerging Technology, Intel Reform and Enabling Technology: The First 180 Days, March 29-31, 2005. This event will focus on the impact of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention
Act signed into law by President Bush in December 2004. There are many emerging technologies and commercial best practices available to help the National Security Community achieve its critical mission of keeping America safe and secure. GOVCON05 will offer dialog and demonstrations to provide these resources.

Convention Speakers will include:

For a full list of speakers and program details, visit www.federalevents.com, or call 301-596-8899

The Government Emerging Technology Alliance (GETA) was born after 9/11 as a division of NSBC, a non-profit membership organization with deep roots in the federal technology industry. Our commitment to our work stems from our sincere belief that
the on-going, rapid integration of new technology is indispensable in sustaining the American way of life. GETA’s programs are designed to bring together our very dedicated government workforce with the World’s most innovative and responsive
vendor community. The symbiotic relationships that GETA fosters benefit us all. For more information please visit www.GETAevents.org.

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