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Guidelines for Utility Performance Assessment

July 22, 2004

Now available for review and comment are three new American Lifelines Alliance (ALA) guidelines for utility system owners and operators that will help them determine the appropriate level of effort to obtain information necessary to formulate defensible risk management decisions during and after hazard events. The three guidelines cover electric power systems, oil and gas pipeline systems, and wastewater systems. Both natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes, flood, hurricane, tornado, windstorm, icing, and ground displacements caused by landslides, frost heave and settlement) and man-made hazards (biological, chemical, radiological, blast, and cyber incidents) events are addressed. Each guideline consists of two volumes: one provides concise guidance and the second presents explanations of the procedures presented, supporting material, and references.

Although it had an experienced team of engineering and risk analysis experts and industry review in the preparation of the drafts, ALA believes that a review of these documents from a larger set of lifeline interests like its Corresponding Advisors is important now before issuing this guidance to lifeline operators.

After the review period ending August 15, 2004, the guidelines will serve as the basis for developing national consensus guidelines within appropriate standards development organizations (SDOs). Parties interested in providing comments should contact Joe Steller at by August 15, 2004.

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