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Industrial Parts Web Database Announced

May 12, 2005

Proxity, Inc. has announced plans to create an e-commerce website for purchasing, engineering, sales and industrial manufacturers. When fully developed, the Proxity Electronic Commerce System (PECS) will have an online database of 12 million industrial parts available from 150,000 sources and be offered at no charge. Companies that manufacture parts could list their items in the central PECS database, while companies requiring those parts could access the same database and order the parts directly from the listing group.

Upon completion, the PECS database will also carry information on 7 million unique U.S. Government parts including descriptions, performance characteristics, commercial and Government part numbers, historical prices on over 5 million items, requirements of State and local Governments, the U.S. Military and Federal organizations, including E-mail and web addresses of an anticipated 150,000 companies most of which will be based in the U.S.

Billy Robinson, CEO of Proxity, Inc. states, “Proxity has always tried to be in a position to take advantage of timely technologies, cutting-edge products and services. When fully developed, PECS will be a no-charge-to-access online database representing the industrial manufacturing power of the United States. Purchasing,
engineering, sales and manufacturing organizations worldwide could access the database to list or retrieve parts at no charge. Government and Commercial users will be able to match up quotes and bids immediately through a customized electronic retrieval system. We are creating this great tool to allow companies to list their items and others to acquire those products in a “just in time” situation. Knowing these products are available at one location within the competitive environment will assist the manufacturer as well as the purchaser. The new PECS system will enhance the government contract fulfillment process. Revenue for Proxity can be derived from targeted advertising, preferred product placement, and revenue sharing agreements with suppliers. Development of PECS will begin immediately.”

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