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McKim & Creed Acquires Loftus Engineers, LLC
August 2, 2018

McKim & Creed, Inc., one of the largest engineering, geomatics (surveying) and planning firms headquartered in the Southeast, announced recently that it has acquired Pittsburgh-based Loftus Engineers, LLC. Going forward, Loftus Engineers will provide service to clients as Loftus Engineers, a McKim & Creed Company.

Shown here are Loftus Engineers employees on the day the McKim & Creed acquisition was announced. Also included in the photo are McKim & Creed’s CEO, chief people officer, business unit leader and chief growth officer.

McKim & Creed, Inc. has 20 offices throughout the U.S., including an office in Norfolk.

Loftus Engineers provides mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural (MEPS), and energy services for commercial, heath care, higher education, sports and recreation, institutional and industrial clients. The company began its current professional practice in 2002 and employs 37 people.

“Loftus Engineers has a long and distinguished history of providing outstanding mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural engineering with exceptional employees who, like our current employee owners, are dedicated to the success of their clients and solving their challenges,” said John T. Lucey, PE, president and chief executive officer of McKim & Creed. “Combining McKim & Creed’s strengths with those of Loftus enables us to offer more of our services in the Pittsburgh area, and supports our current and growing Pittsburgh office. We are excited to significantly grow our engineering business in the dynamic Western Pennsylvania market.”

In 2015, McKim & Creed established an office in the Pittsburgh area that specializes in industrial water and wastewater engineering and design-build services. Joining forces with Loftus Engineers adds a second McKim & Creed office in the Pittsburgh area and provides MEPS support for the current office.

Loftus CEO Patrick Branch, PE, LEED AP, will oversee the company’s Pittsburgh-area MEPS engineering services. “By joining forces with McKim & Creed, we believe we can best serve the growing Pittsburgh market with expanded services. In addition, McKim & Creed is an employee-owned company, which means that our employees can own a part of our organization while enjoying enhanced career opportunities,” said Mr. Branch.

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