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Mickey Leland Program Marks Anniversary

August 10, 2006

Mickey Leland Scholarship winners in the science, math, and engineering fields gathered recently in Houston, TX, to present technical research papers before an audience of educators, business owners, and government officials.

Mickey Leland Scholars this year number 30 and hail from 25 educational institutions, including the University of Houston, Howard University, Tuskegee University, and the University of Mayaguez at Puerto Rico. The program’s primary goal is to provide opportunities for enhanced education and employment to under-represented minority students who are pursuing advanced degrees in science, engineering, or mathematics in curricula related to the coal, oil and gas industries.

Two students, Amir Usher and Arthur Williams, worked in the FE Clean Energy Systems Division of the Office of Clean Coal and the Office of Oil and Natural Gas, respectively. Usher, a native of Jackson, Miss., is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Ala. Williams, from Richmond, VA, is a senior Mechanical Engineering major at Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA.

The Leland Scholarships honor the late Texas Congressman Mickey Leland, who envisioned a world in which every human could develop to his or her full potential. Congressman Leland died in 1989 in a plane crash on his way to assist the people of Ethiopia, who were suffering a devastating drought. www.fossil.energy.gov/education/lelandfellowships/index.html

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