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NAVFAC Celebrated Its 169th Anniversary
September 9, 2011

According to information made available from Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), NAVFAC celebrated its 169th anniversary August 31st. NAVFAC was established on this date in 1842 as the Bureau of Navy Yards and Docks (BuDocks) and formally changed its name to NAVFAC in May 1966.

NAVFAC has a proud history of supporting the Navy and Marine Corps team with excellent services and products since its establishment 169 years ago.” said Rear Adm. Christopher Mossey, NAVFAC Commander and Chief of Civil Engineers. “I have no doubt that it will continue to deliver the best facilities engineering and acquisition for the Navy and Marine Corps, Unified Commanders, and other Department of Defense agencies for years to come.”

NAVFAC is the systems command that delivers and maintains quality, sustainable facilities, acquires and manages capabilities for the Navy’s expeditionary combat forces, provides contingency engineering response, and enables energy security and environmental stewardship. NAVFAC strengthens Navy and Marine Corps readiness through its work throughout the facility life cycle and its support of the shore expeditionary mission.

NAVFAC’s contribution to our nation’s security is as vital as ever. Around the world today, we are building and maintaining the shore platforms that allow naval forces to deploy forward into harm’s way,” said Mossey. “Every member of the NAVFAC team, military and civilian, is providing a critical contribution to the Navy’s impact as a global force for good.”

NAVFAC has grown since its BuDocks beginnings, when one line officer and six civilian employees were assigned to administer public works to the Navy’s seven shipyards located on the east coast of the United States. Today, NAVFAC employs more than 22,000 Civil Engineer Corps officers, civilians, and contractors at 12 component commands and three specialty centers around the world.

“To all NAVFAC employees, military and civilian, I thank you and your families for your service and commitment to the defense of our nation,” said Mossey. “Through your daily professional efforts and personal sacrifices, you make our Navy stronger and our nation safer.”

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