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New Occupational Safety/Health Group Formed

November 17, 2004

Elections recently took place for the positions on the new Executive Council of the International Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organizations (INSHPO) founded in 2002 by the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), Canada, and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), UK, and the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), Canada.

INSHPO was developed in an effort to bridge communication gaps and promote best occupational safety and health practices throughout the world. INSHPO’s newly elected executive council consists of President Paul Faupel, Cbiol, MIBiol, MIRM, FIOSH, RSP, (former IOSH president), President-elect Eddie Greer, CSP, (of Houston, TX and former ASSE president), Vice President Martin Ralph (of the Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention –IFAP, Australia) and Secretary-Treasurer Jim Allan (former CSSE president).

“The INSHPO organization allows practitioner organizations from around the world a venue to promote, develop and access information pertinent to the profession of occupational safety and health,” ASSE President Gene Barfield, CSP, said.

The idea for INSHPO originated in 2001 when IOSH’s Faupel, ASSE’s Greer, and CSSE’s Allan, together at a conference, discussed the formation of an organization that would provide a global network and international interactions allowing their members access to the most up-to-date global practices in the area of occupational safety and health. Greer noted, “we were looking to establish an organization that would bridge the gap in our global pursuit of safety and health for all workers.”

“Occupational safety and health issues and concerns are not limited by national borders,” Barfield continued. “Worldwide distribution of products and provision of services, migration of workers and the conduct of international corporate activities lead to the reality that almost all occupational safety and health professionals’ efforts are international in scope.”

INSHPO is a not-for-profit organization. It’s members are made up of and open to organizations having practitioner members devoted to the promotion and practice of the safety and health profession and which subscribe to the objectives of INSHPO. More than one organization from a country may join, as long as the two organizations represent significantly different constituencies. Currently, the Secretariat for INSHPO is IOSH, for an initial term of two years.

“The health and safety profession needs to be operating in this context to establish truly global standards of best practices in the drive to reduce the toll of death, injury, ill health and collateral losses associated with poor health and safety management,” INSHPO President Faupel said.

The objectives of INSHPO include promoting and developing the occupational safety and health profession throughout the world; promoting the exchange of information among member organizations; encouraging the further development of occupational safety and health at a professional level, and
engaging with other bodies in the field of health and safety in areas of common interest. Long-term objectives for INSHPO include gathering data from other countries on competence standards for occupational safety and health practitioners and providing that information to members. A competency panel was held at the annual CSSE conference in Canada last September.
IOSH, CSSE and ASSE participated.

“Forming INSHPO to help advance the cause of protecting people’s safety and health on a global basis, and giving expression to the concerns and best practices of generalist occupational safety and health professionals will benefit everyone, everywhere,” CSSE’s Allan said.

In addition to ASSE, CSSE, IOSH and IFAP, other members of INSHPO include the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health Management (IOSHM), Mauritius and the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA). INSHPO membership is open to generalist professional safety and health practitioner organizations throughout the world, but not open to individual practitioners.
For further information on INSHPO, visit its website at www.INSHPO.org.

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