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New Software Predicts Crash Locations At Sea

September 10, 2004

Newly improved Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology developed by the Rhode Island company Applied Science Associates (ASA) is allowing faster, more accurate tracking of debris to predict and identify the location of crashes and accidents at sea.

SARMAP, an integrated GIS Search & Rescue (SAR) system, tells rescuers where to look for people after an accident at sea. The goal is to speed up the identification of crash location and expedite SAR operations to save more lives.

The SARMAP system increases the capability of responders to determine the speed, direction and location of floating objects, such as floating debris, or debris washed up along shorelines. Predicting the probable location of people and vessels adrift in a large body of water involves taking into account many factors and performing complex calculations. Drifting objects move constantly in response to many forces, such as the speed and direction of winds, tides, currents and wave action. For more information visit www.appsci.com.

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