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New Website For Engineers’ Leadership Foundation

September 21, 2005

www.engineersleadership.org is the address of the new website of the Engineers’ Leadership Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation established in 1989 to foster the development of engineering leaders. A variety of resources is available at the website, including Jumpstart Your Career as a Professional Engineer, a PowerPoint-based presentation designed for engineering leaders to present to engineering students, and an archival DVD on the history of geotechnical engineering presented several years ago by one of the discipline’s cofounders, Dr. Ralph B. Peck.

According to Foundation Executive Director John P. Bachner, “The Engineers’ Leadership Foundation wants to serve as a leadership resource. We will invent what we have to and, perhaps more important, serve as a central clearinghouse for other resources: programs, services, and materials developed by others. Right now, we are focusing on capturing the thoughts and reminiscences of engineering leaders of the present and the recent past, because they still are available to provide first- hand accounts. What they have learned about leadership is invaluable. We want to make the lessons learned available to anyone and everyone who has an interest.”

The Jumpstart Your Career as a Professional Engineer presentation, which is available for free download, is designed to allow presenters to discuss heir own backgrounds in light of a national study the Foundation conducted several years ago. According to Bachner, “Many of the engineering leaders we surveyed said they were greatly helped by nonengineering courses they took in college, as well as certain extracurricular activities. While having a grasp of engineering is essential to becoming a leader of the profession, student engineers – especially those just starting out – need to understand that leadership seldom results from technical skills alone; that other skills are needed and that those other skills can be more important than technical skills, and – in many instances –they are easy and even fun to learn.”

In addition to resources and archival areas, the new website also provides information on the Foundation itself, including its history, leadership, and its new strategic plan. Its resources include programs on ethics originally developed by the Institute for Professional Practice.

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