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NLB Reports 2010 Third Quarter LSI Improvements
December 3, 2010

Third-quarter 2010 NEMA Lighting Systems Index (LSI) performance bested the second quarter’s by 0.9% and was 5.6% ahead of third-quarter 2009’s, the National Lighting Bureau (NLB) reports. “While it’s hardly cause for jubilation,” says NLB Executive Director John Bachner, “it should give rise to at least some guarded optimism.”

Established in 1998, NEMA’s LSI is a composite measure of lamps, luminaires, ballasts, emergency lighting, exit signs, and other lighting products shipped nationally and internationally from the United States by the 450 companies that comprise the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). Adjusted for the season and inflation, the Index uses 2002 data for its 100-point benchmark. View it at

“The first quarter of 2010 was the third consecutive quarter of LSI growth, and it gave us reason to believe a sooner-rather-than-later turn-around was possible. That optimism was dashed when 2010’s second-quarter performance showed a 0.3% decline,” Bachner said. “Right now it appears that the situation is holding steady; that any future declines are likely to be slight; and that improvements also will be sight, but they’re still likely to outnumber declines.”

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