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.pro Domain Available For Licensed Engineers

February 22, 2005

After several years of discussion, professional engineers can finally join the ranks of doctors, lawyers and accountants as users of the .pro Internet domain, now specifically eng.pro for engineers. This new domain is exclusively available to professionals who certify they meet the requirements of their profession, and offers engineers a differentiated Web identity while providing professional credibility and secure communications. The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), in partnership with RegistryPro, is pleased to announce the availability of the .pro and eng.pro domain names to licensed engineers on its Web site beginning February 21, 2005.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for professional engineers to clearly distinguish themselves as a discrete and select group of licensed professionals,” said NSPE deputy executive director Arthur Schwartz, CAE. “In an era when electronic communication is taking predominant importance, having the eng.pro domain will surely raise the image, prestige, and visibility of licensed professional engineers.”

NSPE has long been engaged in discussions with RegistryPro, the company that operates the .pro domain, and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to allow engineers access to the domain. RegistryPro recently extended its registration to the engineering community, citing the strong ethics, association involvement, and public interest with which engineers practice their profession.

“Engineers delivered the Internet,” said Michael DelCiello, general manager of RegistryPro and an electrical engineering graduate. “Now they get to use it – with their own signature on the Web.”

Only licensed, qualified engineers and their firms are eligible to receive the eng.pro domain. To verify the credentials of engineers who apply, RegistryPro will rely on the standards set by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), local and state licensing boards, and third-party databases. In other countries, local and regional associations such as the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers and the Engineering Council UK will be called on to approve engineers.

Registration of an eng.pro domain name includes a Web address, digital certificate, professional validation, free additional services such as domain and e-mail forwarding, business-card Web page, and online domain control panel. To facilitate private and confidential communications, eng.pro bundles a digital certificate with every domain name. This provides the opportunity to send encrypted and non-repudiated e-mail, thereby protecting confidential client information. Other security services such as time-stamping and electronic notarization are also possible.

“Over time, I expect the eng.pro domain to become the prevailing standard that licensed professional engineers and engineering companies use to electronically communicate to the public, to clients and to peers, their legal authority to practice professional engineering,” said Schwartz.

Qualified engineers or engineering organizations will be able to register either a second-level domain name (companyname.pro) or a third-level domain name (companyname.eng.pro); however, in order to register a second-level .pro domain, the applicant must have registered (or be in the process of registering) at least one other third-level domain.

Professional engineers interested in purchasing an eng.pro domain name can do so online at www.nspe.org. Until April 1, 2005, special introductory pricing is available for both NSPE members and non-members. For members, a third-level domain (yourname.eng.pro) is $180; a second-level domain (yourname.pro) is $80. For non-members, a third-level domain is $220 and a second-level domain in $95. After April 1, 2005, members will pay $225 for a third-level domain and $100 for a second-level domain. Non-members will be charged $275 for a third-level domain, and $120 for a second-level domain.

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