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Recycled Plastics Transform Industry

September 23, 2005

Jim Turek, a passionate advocate for the use of recycled plastic products, is transforming the construction and transportation industries. High profile government, military and showcase corporate and entertainment facilities have already been built using his recycled plastic rebar support products. Highways and bridges nationwide have his rebar supports and signage.

“I understand the skeptics. Some of them just can’t wrap their mind around the concept that recycled plastic is stronger than steel. But I have demonstrated time and time again, from the laboratory to the actual jobsite, proving that my recycled plastic products are stronger, more versatile, and more durable than comparable steel products. I always say that if I were a superhero, I’d rather be the Man of Recycled Plastic than the Man of Steel because recycled plastics are stronger,” notes Mr. Turek, CEO of Plasticon International.

A “green” company, Plasticon is a leader and innovator in the design, engineering, and production of industrial and commercial products. Made from recycled and recyclable plastics, the Company’s product line includes high-quality concrete accessories, transportation signage, and plastic lumber. For more information, visit www.plasticonintl.com.

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