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Skanska USA Civil Opens Up Lanes on Rt. 1
December 30, 2009

Commuting residents of the metropolitan Washington, DC area got a holiday gift as Skanska USA Civil opened two additional through lanes to traffic on I-495 at the Route 1 Interchange on Saturday, December 13th.

Opening the lanes (the inner-loop express lanes) was a client-mandated milestone, one of several, on this critical project. The new Route 1 Interchange is part of the overall construction of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Corridor Improvements. Two additional lanes were opened to traffic in the opposite direction (the outer-loop lanes) a week before these were.

Traffic in the area, which is normally blocked up to five miles, has already noticeably improved. Virginia DOT had estimated that during rush hour drivers through the area had an average trip time of 1 ½ hours. With the opening of new lanes to traffic that trip time has decreased significantly.

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