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Advances in QCL Technology and Applications Detailed
December 8, 2010

The accelerated pace of development of quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology and its many applications — such as detecting explosive chemicals on clothing, monitoring greenhouse gases and measuring blood sugar levels via breath analysis — are the subjects of a highly anticipated special section just published in The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) journal Optical Engineering. U.S. Naval Research Laboratory scientists Jerry Meyer and Igor Vurgaftman are the special section editors.

Federico Capasso, professor and senior research fellow at Harvard University and leader of the group who first demonstrated QCL technology 16 years ago at Bell Labs, contributed an invited review paper to the 26-article special section. Earlier this year, Capasso, who is a Fellow of SPIE, was awarded the Berthold Leibinger Future Prize and the Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics.

The review article, on “High-performance midinfrared quantum cascade lasers,” is freely available to all as an introduction to both the QCL field and the special section on QC lasers. The article can also be accessed via SPIE Reviews, an open-access journal that includes original review articles as well as selected review articles from all SPIE journals.

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