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Staktek Uses Flotherm Software

September 20, 2004

Staktek, a leading supplier of high-density memory stacking solutions, is using Flotherm thermal simulation software to ensure that innovative new products meet thermal management requirements. Thermal performance is critical to the design of Staktek’s products, which double, triple or quadruple memory in the same physical footprint as the underlying packaged component. One of the company’s most important design challenges is ensuring that the stacked packages have superior thermal performance. In a typical example, Staktek engineers recently examined a new design concept that reduces the height of a memory stack. “We modeled the new design in Flotherm to obtain the junction temperatures of the devices in the stack,” said Mark Wolfe, Product Development Engineer for Staktek, Austin, TX. “Using our Flotherm model we predicted that the low profile stack ran hotter than our baseline product. Then we evaluated several ideas to thermally improve the performance of the low profile stack. We found that by making some minor modifications to the stack we could bring the thermal performance of the low profile stack back in line with our baseline design.”

In another recent example, Staktek evaluated the effects of changing the material of the heat spreaders used in their stacks. Staktek wanted to create a lightweight stack by using lower density heat spreaders, but they were concerned about the thermal costs associated with the change. Flotherm allowed Staktek to determine the thermal penalty associated with the lightweight stack concept. “Our analysis showed that the junction temperature rise wasn’t as large as expected. Flotherm gives us the analytical information we need to make decisions,” Wolfe said. For more info visit www.flomerics.com.

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