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Sterling Engineered Sales Announce New Partners

March 15, 2006

Sterling Engineered Sales, based in Salem, is pleased to announce they have partnered with two new manufacturers to represent their products in Virginia.

VorTek Instruments of Colorado selected Sterling as their exclusive representative in Virginia. Since 1995, VorTek has been a leader in precision flowmeters for liquid, gas and steam in commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

Global Detection Systems Corporation (GDS) of Texas has also teamed with Sterling to be their exclusive Virginia representative. GDS provides a wide range of industrial fixed gas detection systems including toxic, oxygen and combustibles. Application areas include Municipal Water and Waste, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Semiconductor, and other industries requiring affordable gas detection solutions in even the most difficult and challenging environments.

Reid Garst, president of Sterling Engineered Sales, says “We are excited about the opportunities these two respected manufacturers will offer our clients. VorTek has engineered an instrument that is very unique because it offers a single device for measuring mass flow, pressure and temperature. GDS is a solid new company providing an excellent value in fixed gas detection.” www. SterlingES.com. SterlingES.com.

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