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Sustainability Grant Awarded To Christopher Newport University
July 11, 2016

Christopher Newport University has been awarded a “30 in Thirty Grant” of $1,000 from Keep Virginia Beautiful to enhance the University’s recycling efforts.

The grant will support a new project developed by the University’s Sustainability Committee in partnership with the Student Assembly to educate the community about the variety of items that can be recycled. Beginning this fall, teams of volunteer students armed with new wheeled recycling bins will attend university events and encourage attendees to recycle.

“The ultimate goal with this project is to encourage students to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. It was exciting to develop the idea of creating volunteer event recycling staff to attend major university functions to educate students about the importance of recycling and actually facilitate recycling at the events,” says Student Assembly President Michael Bamisile. “This grant gives our students the ability to make the project possible,”

“It is exciting to see students take the lead in helping us all promote sustainability and recycling on campus,” states CNU Sustainability Coordinator Ryan Kmetz. “This is a wonderful opportunity and we appreciate Keep Virginia Beautiful for funding this project.”

Keep Virginia Beautiful awards annual grants through a competitive application process.

Article reprinted from materials provided by Christopher Newport University.

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