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Ethics Training Program Revised
May 17, 2006

Testing Water …and Ethics is the title of a self-contained ethics training program recently revised by the Engineers’ Leadership Foundation. The program is a two-disc, DVD/CD ROM set. The DVD presents a 28-minute video presentation relating the experience of a young engineer named Jim Duffy who unearthed far more than he bargained for – an ethical dilemma – when drilling test wells on a property slated for development.

The professionally scripted, acted, and produced presentation engages technical professionals of all ages, prompting lively discussion of ethical issues such as protecting the public, telling the truth, professionalism, and employee loyalty.

The CD ROM comprises a workbook that includes:

* suggestions for using the video, * instructor notes, * an analysis of the ethical issues, * group discussion suggestions and written assignment topics, * worksheets, * additional case studies, * a site plan map, and * a complete video script.

Testing Water …and Ethics can be ordered for $150 from the Engineers’ Leadership Foundation.

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