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The Americas' First Broadband World Forum Closes

September 27, 2006

With attendees from Canada, Mexico, the U.S. and many countries from Europe and Asia as well, the International Engineering Consortium (IEC) wrapped up the Americas’ first Broadband World Forum with breaking news, leading-edge panels, top vendors and an international audience in Vancouver this month with TELUS as the official host sponsor.

IEC President John Janowiak stated, “Broadband is one of the hottest, most topical issues around the globe today. What we discuss and learn at the Broadband World Forums will affect every consumer and business in some shape or form. The transformations in our industry will affect our daily lives—how way we receive our information, conduct our business, entertain ourselves, and more. We are ecstatic that we were able to bring the forum to the Americas and we look forward to next year’s Broadband World Forum Americas in Brazil with Telefónica as the official host sponsor.”

This year’s sponsors included TELUS, the official host sponsor, Siemens, Bell Canada, Accenture, Alcatel, Cisco Systems, ECI Telecom, Juniper Networks, Nokia, Redback Networks, Visionael, Texas Instruments, and Operax.

The IEEE Communications Society held their annual EntNet at the Broadband World Forum Americas.

For photos, keynote addresses, and event highlights, visit www.iec.org/events/2006/bbwf_americas/

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