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Unions To Hold White-Collar Organizing Summit

March 09, 2005

Organized labor is often perceived as a movement of blue-collar assembly-line workers and construction tradesmen—the reality is far different. Professional and technical occupations are the fastest growing segment within union ranks. More than half of the
AFL-CIO’s membership today is composed of white collar workers.

What will it take to further expand the numbers of nurses, IT professionals, teachers and professors, actors, journalists, engineers, scientists and other professionals in the ranks of labor? “Organizing Professionals in the 21st Century”, scheduled for March 14-16, at the Crystal City Hilton in Arlington, VA will bring the best white collar organizers from across the country together for three days with union decision-makers and outside researchers to study new polling data, to look at successful campaigns here and abroad, and to hear from outside experts about models that the union movement should consider.

The conference will look at:

The Department for Professional Employees (DPE) is composed of 25 AFL-CIO unions. DPE represents 4 million white collar union members who work in a variety of professional and technical occupations including health care, education, science and engineering, the arts, entertainment, the media, and public administration.

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