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VDOT Posts Fiscal Year Report Card

July 25, 2005

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) completed 75 percent of its construction contracts on time and 78 percent within budget for fiscal year 2005 (June 30, 2004 – July 1, 2005). That compares to 27 percent on-time and 65 percent within-budget performance two years ago.

“The sound business practices implemented under Governor Mark Warner’s leadership are achieving clear results,” said Transportation Secretary Pierce Homer. “As today’s report illustrates, VDOT is operating much more efficiently than just a few years ago.”

“We’ve seen a steady turnaround in our performance by setting clear goals and coming together as an agency to meet them,” said Acting Commissioner Gregory A. Whirley. “While we have made tremendous progress, it is important that additional work be done to increase accountability and improve business operations.”

VDOT’s goals for fiscal year 2006 is to complete 65 percent of construction contracts and 75 percent of maintenance projects on time, and to complete 80 percent of construction contracts and 90 percent of maintenance projects within budget.

Report Card Results:


Construction contracts completed on time

FY 2005 – 75 percent

FY 2004 – 36 percent

FY 2003 – 27 percent

Maintenance contracts completed on time

FY 2005 – 73 percent

FY 2004 – 51 percent

FY 2003 – 38 percent


Construction contracts completed within budget

FY 2005 – 78 percent

FY 2004 – 73 percent

FY 2003 – 65 percent

Maintenance contracts completed within budget

FY 2005 – 80 percent

FY 2004 – 81 percent

FY 2003 – 80 percent

The full report is available online at www.virginiadot.org

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