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VGS Announces Corporate Restructuring

October 19, 2004

Virginia Geotechnical Services, P.C. (VGS) recently announced the completion of an internal corporate restructuring. Ms. Ann M. Samford, P.E., P.G., founder of the firm, announced an internal sale of stock to Dr. Richard M. Simon, P.E., David M. Sayre, P.G., Aaron L. Zdinak, P.E., Joseph A. Clarke, P.E., Steven H. Bond, CPA, Gary T. Bondurant, CET, John T. Voorhees, and Susan L. Hysong. Dr. Simon has been elected President of the firm. Ms. Samford remains as Senior Consultant and Vice President of the firm. Mr. W. Jerrold Samford, P.G. also remains as Vice-President. “The sale of stock to our staff is the culmination of a planning process we began last winter” said Ms. Samford. “We are very excited and gratified to have a group of dedicated and loyal staff interested in participating in the firm in an ownership role.” “This transition brings new energy into the company” said Simon. “I look forward to continuing the tradition of quality and service that Ann has built into the culture of VGS.”

Mr. Sayre joined VGS in 1989 and is the Senior Geologist in charge of the Environmental Services group of the firm. Mr. Zdinak joined VGS in 1994 and is the Senior Engineer in charge of the Geotechnical Services group of the firm. Mr. Clarke joined VGS in 1997 and is an Engineer in the Geotechnical Services group and in charge of materials testing services for the firm. Mr. Bond joined VGS in 1993 and serves as Controller for the firm. Mr. Bondurant joined VGS in 1991 and is in charge of Construction Services for the firm. Mr. Voorhees joined VGS in 1998 and is a Geologist in the Environmental Services group. Ms. Hysong joined VGS in 1993 and serves as Senior Administrative Assistant for the firm.

Virginia Geotechnical Services, P.C., Richmond, Virginia, is a professional consulting firm specializing in geotechnical engineering, environmental investigations, construction materials testing, and laboratory analysis of the physical properties of construction materials. The firm was founded in 1987 by Ms. Samford and serves clients in the mid-Atlantic states.

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