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Windstorm Wall Capacity Calculator Introduced

June 21, 2006

Norbord Inc. is pleased to introduce Windstorm Wall Capacity Calculator, a free, online tool that generates calculations for high-wind homebuilding with the use of Norbord’s signature OSB product, Windstorm. The calculator, which was designed to save engineers and designers valuable time and effort, has officially launched at www.WindstormOSB.com.

Introduced in 2005, Windstorm has gained popularity with many builders in high-wind zones for its simplicity and cost-saving efficiencies. Greater in length than traditional 4’ X 8’ OSB panels, Windstorm panels are engineered to match today’s various wall heights. In single-story home construction, Windstorm panels are designed to span from the top of the top plate to the bottom of the bottom plate. In multi-story construction, Windstorm panels span from the top of the top plate to mid-band and again from mid-band to the bottom of the bottom plate. (or sill plate). Windstorm OSB panels eliminate the need for additional blocking, filler strips and metal wall uplift hardware. When utilized with a designer-approved nailing schedule, Windstorm’s continuous sheathing method can be used to meet high wind codes stipulated by the International Building Code (SSTD 10-99, Wood Frame Construction Manual or ASCE – 7).

The Windstorm Wall Capacity Calculator enables users to obtain nailing schedules for their specific projects to ensure they meet code. To use the calculator, designers/engineers input several of the project’s basic wall design parameters, including the required uplift and shear values, and within moments, an individualized nailing schedule is prescribed.

After the necessary information has been entered and the calculations generated, the results can be printed for incorporation into the professional designer’s drawings. Users also have the opportunity to purchase state-certified calculations for their projects, provided by leading engineering firm and tool collaborator, Engineering Express.

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