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Feature Article:
Shocking Truth About Electric Fish Is Discovered
August 2014

Scientists have found how the electric fish evolved its jolt.

Guest Article:
Seven Tips for Hiring “A Players”
August 2014

Your business doesn’t run itself. The quality of your organization depends on the quality of your team—a motivated, energized staff is the key to companywide success. You want A Players, those colleagues who contribute disproportionately to the advancement and profitability of the organization.

By Richard J. Bryan

Smart Pill Bottle Receives Second Patent
August 1, 2014

AdhereTech and The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) have been awarded a second U.S. patent for the smart pill bottle that was invented at the university and is being commercialized by the company.

Creating and Optimizing Food for Extreme Conditions
August 1, 2014

How do you feed a six-person crew on a three-year mission to Mars?

Registration Open For GBA's 2014 Fall Conference
July 31, 2014

Registration now open for GBA’s 2014 fall conference in San Francisco, CA from October 23-25, 2014.

“Chapter of the Year” Awarded To Engineering World Health at VCU
July 30, 2014

Despite living halfway around the world, students from Virginia Commonwealth University School (VCU) of Engineering are helping developing nations provide reliable medical care.

Manufacturers Benefit From ICC-ES Expedited Service
July 30, 2014

Several manufacturers have taken advantage of the ICC-ES Expedited Service for new and revised reports.

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