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Perfect Energy Efficiency — Fact or Fiction?
October 21, 2020

Using the principles of quantum mechanics, researchers will create quantum measurement engines to run with 100 percent efficiency.

New Method To Make Non-Volatile Computer Memory Developed
October 21, 2020

Use of oxygen vacancies as a way to help machine learning.

Formation Of Mid-Atlantic Wind Training Alliance Announced
October 20, 2020

Alliance will be Virginia’s first offshore and onshore wind workforce training collaborative.

Company Will Invest $5.3 Million To Expand Current Manufacturing Operation
October 20, 2020

Investment to enable increased production of PPE.

'Spliting' Sea Water Into Fuel
October 19, 2020
Layering Technique Could Improve Solar Cell Performance
October 19, 2020

Study provides a promising path to obtaining more energy out of sunlight.

Manufacturer Will Use $52.6 Million Investment To Expand Operations
October 16, 2020

Expansion will include new office building and manufacturing facility.

AHRI Launches Informational Campaign
October 16, 2020

Help school systems nationwide improve indoor air quality.

AHRI Announces Final Webinar In Refrigerant Series
October 15, 2020

Session will report on the ongoing research efforts and existing testing results.

Amendments to DOE's Certification, Compliance, and Enforcement Rules Proposed
October 15, 2020

Amendments could have wide-spread impact on manufacturers.

Company Will Invest $1.35 Million To Establish Frst U.S. Manufacturing Facility
October 14, 2020

Company specializes in high-quality fastening products with a special focus on supplying the global wind energy sector.

Acquisition Expands Firm's Aviation Services Capabilities
October 14, 2020

Acquisition strengthens company’s existing aviation service offerings.

AHRI Announces Publication Of Two Reaffirmed Standards
October 13, 2020
NAE Announces Engineering Profession Awards
October 13, 2020

Awards presented to engineering professionals for their extraordinary impact on the engineering profession.

Company Announces $7.45 Million Investment To Establish New Facility
October 12, 2020

New facility will be company’s first East Coast operation.

SWE Announces Virtual Annual Conference and Career Fair
October 12, 2020

WE20 will now be a two-week virtual event.

DoD Announces Award Of $775,000 Grant
October 9, 2020

Grant will fund work to develop a statewide mapping tool for renewable wind energy projects locations.

Company To Establish Gourmet Peanut Butter Manufacturing Operation
October 9, 2020

Company will invest close to $300,000 in new facility.

AHRI Announces Fourth Webinar In Refrigerant Series
October 8, 2020

Panel will introduce their modeling tools and discuss applicability for simulating refrigerant dispersions and predicting burning velocity of refrigerant blends.

Company Announces Manufacturing Facility Upgrade
October 8, 2020

Facility is the leading producer of dry-type transformers in North America.

Improving Photosynthesis Studied
October 7, 2020

Scientists have engineered a key plant enzyme and introduced it in Escherichia coli bacteria in order to create an optimal experimental environment for studying how to…

Plant Droplets Found To Benefit Insects
October 7, 2020

Small watery droplets on the edges of blueberry bush leaves are loaded with nutrients for many insects…

New Economic Impact Study On Drone Delivery
October 6, 2020

New economic impact study from Virginia Tech helps attach some numbers to hours saved, revenue earned, and tons of carbon dioxide diverted.

Researchers Study Jupiter's Storms
October 6, 2020

Since they were first spotted by NASA’s Juno space probe in 2019, the storms have presented something of a mystery…

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