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MPT Conference To Focus On Business and Emerging Technology
July 17, 2019

The Motion + Power Technology Expo, formerly Gear Expo, has expanded their educational offerings as part of this year’s event…

Designing Science Operations For New Space Telescope
July 16, 2019

NASA has awarded a contract to the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)…

Leading The Effort To Restore The Chesapeake
July 16, 2019

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Chesapeake Bay Program Office (CBPO) names new director.

Portable Polarization-Sensitive Camera Developed
July 15, 2019

Researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a highly compact, portable camera that can image polarization in a single shot.

Rising Tundra Temperatures May Affect Microbial Communities
July 15, 2019

Rising temperatures in the tundra of the Earth’s northern latitudes could affect microbial communities in ways likely to increase their…

Northeast Regional Winners In America’s Transportation Awards Competitions Announced
July 12, 2019

Results from the second of four regional competitions announced.

Construction Begins On CVOW Demonstation Project
July 12, 2019

CVOW demonstration project will consist of two six-megawatt wind turbines.

Method To Create Pieces of "Smart" Glass Devised
July 11, 2019

The sophisticated technology that powers face recognition in many modern smartphones someday could receive a high-tech upgrade that sounds – and looks – surprisingly low-tech.

Webinars On Air-System Engineering, Technology Scheduled
July 11, 2019

Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. will launch the Air System Engineering and Technology (ASET) series of free webinars…

Virginia Will Invest $12 Million To Deploy Electric Transit Buses
July 10, 2019

Project will include 17 electric buses and charging infrastructure for three local transit systems in the Commonwealth.

PREPARES System Wins 2019 Collegiate Student Safety Technology Design Competition
July 10, 2019

PREPARES system could have a positive impact on improving transportation safety.

U.S. Army Awards Contract For Surveying And Mapping Services
July 9, 2019

Contract is now underway and has an estimated completion date of June 6, 2024.

Firm Will Invest $2.3 Million to Establish New Milling Facility
July 9, 2019

Facility will be firm’s first East Coast operation.

Firm Announces $400 Million Investment to Expand Assembly Operation
July 8, 2019

Facility in Pulaski County is the firm’s largest in the world.

ASHRAE Issues Call For Comment - Addendum to Standard 135-2016
July 8, 2019

Public and stakeholder review and comment sought for the purpose of developing consensus standards.

2019 Tilt-Up Convention and Expo
July 5, 2019

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) has announced the 2019 Tilt-Up Convention and Expo will be held September 26 – 28, 2019…

Water Repellent ‘Nanoflower’ For Biomedical Applications Created
July 5, 2019

Plant leaves have a natural superpower — they’re designed with water repelling characteristics.

New Tool Helps In Search For Extraterrestrial Life
July 3, 2019

Astronomers have a new tool in their search for extraterrestrial life – a sophisticated bot that helps identify stars hosting planets…

Sounding Rockets Sent To The Edges of The Atmosphere
July 3, 2019

Two NASA sounding rockets were sent to the edges of the atmosphere above the Marshall Islands on June 19th in order to study communication disruption…

New Unprinting Method Developed
July 2, 2019

Imagine if your printer had an “unprint” button that used pulses of light to remove toner…

Growing Human Hair In A Dish
July 2, 2019

In a new study, aimed at using stem cells for hair growth, Columbia researchers have created a way to grow human hair in a dish…

Researchers Use Genetic Algorithms For Better Superconductors
July 1, 2019

Scientists turn to the power of evolution and artificial selection to develop better superconductors.

ASHRAE Issues Call For Comment - Addenda to Standard 189.3-2017
July 1, 2019

Public and stakeholder review and comment sought for the purpose of developing consensus standards.

Firm Announces $6.4 Million Investment To Expand Manufacturing Operation
June 28, 2019

Facility will be expanded to meet an increase in demand from commercial vehicle customers.

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