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Aerospace Materials Conference Lands in Texas
May 22, 2008

The history of military aviation began when Aeroplane Number One, built by the Wright Brothers to a U.S. Army specification, arrived at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, in 1910. Within a few months, her flight crew had developed a significant new feature, wheels — so that the airplane could take off and land without its original catapult and skids.

Nearly a century later, the latest advances in aerospace materials for military, commercial and space applications will be presented and discussed in the heart of Texas at AeroMat 2008, the forum for aerospace materials engineers, structural engineers and designers.

Sponsored by ASM International – The Materials Information Society, AeroMat will be held at the Austin Convention Center, from June 23-26, 2008. The event is hosted by NASA Langley Research Center and co-sponsored by Air Products.

This year’s theme, “Revolutionizing Materials and Processes for Air and Space Vehicles,” explores the development and application of new materials and fabrication processes from smaller platforms to larger aircraft.

More than 200 presentations will cover a broad range of materials and applications for general aviation, commercial transports, military aircraft, rotorcraft, and spacecraft. To register or for more information, visit

An accompanying exposition on June 24-25, 2008 will feature 70 companies providing services, products and expertise. For details about exhibiting at AeroMat, contact Kelly Thomas at 440-338-1733, or

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