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Gov. Kaine Urged to Rescind Support for Plant
June 20, 2008

Twenty business leaders across the state of Virginia released a statement recently calling on Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and Dominion CEO Thomas Farrell to cancel plans to build a controversial coal-fired power plant in Wise County.

A joint letter from the group to Governor Kaine and the Dominion CEO noted: “The future of my business is dependent on a cleaner, greener and competitive economy in Virginia. Instead of investing in coal, we should be putting our money behind renewable energy projects and creating green jobs. The pollution, toxic waste and carbon emissions that accompany coal extraction and burning will make Virginia a less competitive economy.”

The signers noted that it would be bad business for Virginia to pick dirty energy over clean energy. According to a report recently released by the Blue-Green Alliance, Virginia currently has over 336,000 jobs in areas that will see increased wages and job growth by investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. By contrast, the State Corporation Commission indicates that operating the Wise County Coal plant would cause a net loss of 1,476 jobs in Virginia.

Concerned about the impact of global warming on Virginia, Better World Telecom President Matthew Bauer said, “Better World is a carbon neutral provider of communications services to over 1,000 organizations in 40 states. I am proud to provide this service from our headquarters in Reston, but if Dominion builds this controversial coal plant in Wise County, it would in effect negate all of the hard work that my company is doing to reduce carbon emissions. Renewable energy is good business for my company and it has the potential to create thousands of new jobs in Virginia. I call on Governor Kaine and Dominion to join me in investing a renewable energy economy.”

Co-op America Green Business Network Director Denise Hamler said, “Investing in coal is bad business for Virginia. Building the Wise County coal plant will take jobs away from Virginia, increase destructive mountaintop removal mining and emit more global warming emissions than we know how to deal with. It is time for Governor Kaine to cancel his support of this plant and instead make a serious investment in Virginia’s renewable energy economy.”

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